An 82-year-old Israeli hiker from the Hefer Valley drowned during a dive in Sinai

Yonatan Peled, 82, from Kibbutz Maabarot in the Hefer Valley, drowned last Friday, before the beginning of Shabbat during a dive at Ras Abu Glom beach in Dahab in Sinai.

Haim Weingarten, head of the ZAKA Brigade, said that "This is a difficult and unfortunate case, citizens who were on the beach Moshe the Israeli after drowning during a dive to the beach when he is lifeless. Immediately upon receiving the report, we contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the police and the insurance company in an effort to help and assist the family as much as possible in order to bring the body of the deceased for burial in Israel. After Shabbat, efforts continue with the assistance of the Foreign Ministry’s situation room to obtain the body’s release from the Egyptian hospital in Sinai and bring it to Israel via the Taba border crossing in Eilat."

Added that "The deceased before leaving for Sinai took out travel insurance abroad, which significantly helps in the process of bringing him for burial in Israel.".

Yonatan Peled Z."To (courtesy of the family)

The Foreign Ministry said that "From the moment of receiving the unfortunate news of the citizen’s death, the department assists Israelis abroad"In the consular wing of the office and the Israeli consul in Cairo, Dudu Ben Khalifa assists the family and handles the transfer of the deceased’s body to Israel."

About three weeks ago (October 6) A 22-year-old Israeli woman was killed In a diving accident on Ko Phi Phi Island during a vacation with her family in Thailand.

Chinese. Credit: pixabay

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