Steinitz: Natural gas flows from Israel to Egypt, an explosion was reported under investigation

Al-Jazeera reported tonight (Sunday) that armed rebels have blown up a gas pipeline in northern Sinai connecting Israel and Egypt. The report in Al-Jazeera relied on quotes from local sources stating that it was an explosion that allegedly took place in the Bir al-‘Abd area in the Sinai region, where in the past such injuries had frequently occurred in the gas pipelines. In 2011, the Israel-Egypt gas pipeline was blown up on three separate occasions.

The Office of the Minister of Energy, Yuval Steinitz, stated that "At this time, natural gas flows in a pipeline from Israel and reaches Egypt. The matter of the explosion, as it were, was examined by the ministry in coordination with all the relevant parties"

Natural gas exports from Leviathan and Tamar gas fields to Egypt began last month (January) following a deal that closed at a cost of $ 15 billion and was signed by Delek Drilling and American Noble Energy in February 2018.

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