A first case of corona was discovered in Egypt

The Egyptian Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization announced today (Friday) in a joint statement the discovery of the first positive case of the corona virus in Egypt.

The statement said that it was a foreign citizen whose laboratory tests were obtained and indicated that he was carrying the virus, and it was also emphasized that he did not have the symptoms.

It was not clear from the statement whether it was a man or a woman and when he entered the country and the area in which he resides.

The health authorities in Egypt transported the patient in a private ambulance to the hospital for isolation and health follow-up. The statement said that the patient’s health condition "Completely stable" Currently.

The Egyptian Ministry of Health noted that "We have taken all strict precautions against anyone who comes in contact with him. At his place of residence we instructed citizens as a precaution to enter home isolation for 14 days, the incubation period of the disease."

D"R. Khaled Mujahid, an adviser to the Egyptian health minister and an official spokesman for the ministry said that "The firm was able to detect the first case of a stranger infected with the corona virus. Thanks to the prevention program implemented by the ministry and monitoring of people coming from countries at risk. We follow the guidelines and official reports of the world’s health ministries around the clock. The laboratory tests we performed on the suspect’s case indicated a positive result for the virus but no symptoms.".

Mujahide added, "We immediately notified the World Health Organization and took all measures in conjunction with them".

D"R. John Gabor, a representative of the World Health Organization in Egypt, praised the activities of the Egyptian Ministry of Health on how to handle the first case, "The speed and transparency of the Egyptian government in dealing with the situation, and the degree of its responsibility to inform the organization of the suspicious case from the outset are commendable. We commend the preventive measures taken by the Egyptian Ministry of Health regarding the case that was discovered and we are in contact with it.".

John stressed that "Egypt is one of the first countries to develop a good prevention program to treat the emerging corona virus and how to deal with cases once they are detected. Egypt is also one of the first countries in the Middle East whose health organization has provided accurate detectors to locate those infected with the new corona virus".

Photo: Egyptian Ministry of Health

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