Michal Rabinovich has been appointed the main presenter of the evening news here 11

Michal Rabinovich has been appointed the main presenter of the evening news – the main edition here 11. Michal Rabinovich Batsh, a journalist and senior presenter in the news division, has so far presented the Saturday news edition and once a week the evening news for about four and a half years. Prior to that, the Broadcasting Authority submitted the Shabbat News edition for about 6 years and was the main presenter of "look" In the last year of the closure of the authority.

Rabinovich has in recent years signed significant investigations and magazine articles. She recently exposed the Gal Ohovsky affair and the sexual assaults – an investigation that ignited the ME TOO wave in the gay community and led to the opening of a police investigation against Ohovsky. Over the years, Rabinovich has led special broadcasters and is responsible for some of the major political interviews broadcast on the news programs here 11.

Michal Rabinovich Batsh said: "It is a great privilege to sit on the chair of the main presenter of the public broadcast, alongside a wonderful team of women and men from the news division. Promises that even from this chair I will continue to take part in the journalistic work in the field and deal with the important stories, which only a free and strong public broadcast can bring to its viewers".

News Division Director Baruch Shai said: "Michal is a professional presenter, a sharp interviewer and a brave journalist. She paved her way for submitting the edition with thorough and determined work, from the field, while maintaining an upright journalistic back, modesty and integrity".

Photo: Roni Jankovic

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