A fire broke out in a residential building in Dimona, three trapped people were rescued"The rescue forces

At the 102nd Fire and Rescue Center for Israel, Southern District, a number of calls were received today (Wednesday) about a fire in a building with trapped people, on Rabbi Chaim Pinto Street in Dimona. Firefighters under the command of Reshef Assaf Shabbat who arrived at the scene identified a certain fire in the building with the source of the focus being the building’s electrical cabinet. Crews began firefighting operations while infiltrating the building and scanning for trapped people using thermal cameras.

At the same time, firefighters identified trapped occupants on the upper floors and began rescue operations. Three trapped people were rescued by firefighters on the upper floors as a result of a thick smoke that penetrated the apartments. The captives were transferred for further medical treatment"Medical personnel present at the scene. Later, the teams evacuated all the tenants to a safe place until full control of the incident.

Fire investigator from the Fire and Rescue Service for Israel Dimona Station has begun investigating the incident.

Fire and Rescue reported: "We want to mention and emphasize the importance of the smoke detector which has been proven to be a lifesaver!"

Photo: Fire and Rescue Spokeswoman for Israel Southern District

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