A minor’s hand was amputated while cleaning a falafel grinder, an indictment was filed against the restaurant owner

District Attorney A."A (criminal) filed today (Wednesday) in the Magistrate’s Court in the city, an indictment against Khaled Bakri, 34, from Jerusalem, for an act of recklessness and negligence. This is after, as a result of his conduct, the hand of a minor who employed while cleaning a falafel grinder in a restaurant he owned was cut off.

The indictment, filed by attorney Amit Schloss Leizerowicz, states that during June 2020, defendant and Halin employed two illegal residents at a restaurant he owned. One day, in violation of youth work regulations, the defendant ordered one of the residents, who is a minor, to operate an electric food grinder for the purpose of grinding falafel. When he finished grinding the falafel, the minor began to clean the machine and then his right hand was caught in the opening of the grinder’s feed tray. After my heart turned"H, the doctors had to amputate his palm as a result of the accident.

The indictment attributes to criminals offenses of reckless and negligent acts and Helena and unlawful employment.

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