Be’er Sheva: A toddler was accidentally locked in a vehicle and rescued safely by p"Friends ‘Friends’

A two-year-old toddler was accidentally locked in a car in front of his mother today (Wednesday) at the One Shopping Center complex in Be’er Sheva.

Eli Darshan, a friends call center, received the call at the call center, reassured the mother and at the same time called volunteers to the address. Naor Cohen, Seg"From the Southern District Logistics, and Gadi Kricksman and Yitzhak Franco, the drivers of the Beer Sheva branch, responded to the call and using the dedicated equipment in their possession, they rescued the toddler safely and without causing any damage to the vehicle.

Capricorn describes: "I got out of work and arrived within minutes, despite the great distance from the place. Since this is a car model whose opening is complex, I worked together with the drives that connected me to slip out the key that was lying on the floor of the car, and so we were able to open the doors. It turns out that the mother called family members when she found out that the vehicle was locked, but after all their attempts came to naught, she called friends. The mother and those present did not stop thanking the volunteers."

The call center Eli Darshan adds: "There was a commotion in the line around the mother and at first I was worried about relieving her tension. I took most of the details from her and at the same time called the drives. I made sure with her during the conversation that the child was in good condition, until the successful and quick rescue."

Friends repeatedly call on parents to carry the key with them every time they get in and out of the car, so that it does not lock when the child is alone.

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