The Innovation Community for the Development of Aquaculture was established in collaboration with the Ministries of Agriculture and Economy

The Ministry of Economy and Industry, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Innovation Authority announced today (Wednesday) the establishment of the Innovation Community for the Development of Aquaculture. The establishment of the community took place in the sub-status of the CEO"To the Ministry of Economy and Industry, Mr. Yinon Elroi and the Mayor of Eilat, Mr. Eli Lankri.

The community was established as part of Government Resolution 4662 "A multi-year plan for the development of the city of Eilat and the Eilot region", In which it was decided to promote the field of biology and aquaculture, among other things through the establishment of a land park for the food industries from the sea, aquaculture and aquatic biotechnology, for the purpose of turning Eilat into a leading international research center in these fields. As part of the steps defined in the decision to advance the field and for the purpose of including and supporting all the various activities, it was decided to establish a community of innovation and knowledge in the field of biology and aquaculture.

In a tender conducted by the Heads of Innovation Communities at the Ministry of Economy and Industry, the Israel Institute for Innovation was selected, headed by D."R. Yonatan Menuhin, for running the community. The community will be managed and operated in a model similar to the ten innovation communities run by the Ministry of Economy and Industry.

Deputy CEO"To the Ministry of Economy and Industry, Yinon Elroi: "The field of biotechnology and aquaculture is an area that has been identified as having the potential to serve as a growth engine for the Eilat area and the Eilot region in particular, and for the Israeli economy in general. The establishment of the innovation community will help promote business and attract investment in the field, and will also contribute greatly to job creation, development of innovation and research in the field and will strengthen economic activity in the area. The community joins ten innovative communities that have been established in the past year by"Headquarters of innovation communities, as part of a socio-economic concept developed at the Ministry of Economy, which aims to create an advanced ecosystem in selected sectors and to work to implement innovation in the Israeli economy. I congratulate the winner of the tender and the partners in the activity – the Ministry of Agriculture, the Innovation Authority and the Eilat Municipality".

Naama Kaufman-Pass, CEO"Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development: "I founded the biotechnology and aquaculture community as a vice president"To the Ministry of Economy on the understanding that the strength of the State of Israel lies in innovation. Today I get to continue to accompany the launch of the community and its work as a CEO"Ministry of Agriculture. Its launch integrates well with the plans of the Minister of Agriculture and my plans for the Ministry of Agriculture in the coming years, which include maximum investment in research and development, massive investment in promoting innovation in the field and promoting future agriculture. The emerging ecosystem combines the field of aquaculture with technology, and is the product of the creation of the 21st century. The innovation that is gaining momentum over time, requires each and every one of us to change the direction of thought in a number of industries and in particular in the worlds of agriculture to promote the food security of the State of Israel. The new community that opens today is in a real line for the further establishment of local agriculture and its promotion in Israel and around the world. The new community will strengthen the Eilat and Arava region, and contribute to the development of aquaculture and desert agriculture in Israel and the Mediterranean.".

Mayor of Eilat – Eli Lankri: “Thanks to the natural resources of Eilat and research institutes and academia operating in its field, we are working to make the Eilat-Eilot area a global center for marine biotechnology as part of actions to diversify and expand employment in the city. The establishment of the innovation community will help us to promote the ecosystem and strengthen Eilat’s position in this area as well. “

In the last decade, and even more so since the economic crisis of 2008, the importance of the innovation component has risen as a necessary component for continued growth in all sectors of the economy, industry, trade and services. Innovation – which is the ability to germinate and develop new ideas from a variety of approaches and sources and process them into beneficial products – has become a key component in the development of countries, organizations and individuals. There has also been a growing recognition that innovation often does not develop spontaneously, and therefore an orderly methodology is needed, which supports the existence of an enabling environment and promotes innovation.

Based on this concept, in recent years the Ministry of Economy and Industry has developed a new strategy to encourage Israel’s economic growth, including the establishment and management of innovation communities (Innovation Eco-system Management). The innovation communities are designed to work for socio-economic development through meetings, exchange of knowledge, connections, creating business opportunities, assimilating and developing innovative technologies in a particular field, creating a permanent inter-sectoral dialogue between the various players, and for Israel’s position as a world leader in the field. The Heads of Innovation Communities at the Ministry of Economy and Industry manages the activities of the Innovation Communities of the Ministry of Economy.

Photo: Ministry of Economy and Industry

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