The prosecution sent a warning letter to a person who posted false and offensive things towards D."R. Alrei Price

The State Attorney’s Office, through the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office (Civil) and in cooperation with the Civil Enforcement Unit, sent a warning letter today (Wednesday) before taking legal action to Avichai Michael Green, due to false and offensive posts he distributed on Twitter condemning D."R. Sharon Elrai-Price, who serves as head of public health services at the Ministry of Health.

The warning letter, which was sent on the opinion of the Deputy State Attorney, Orit Kotav, refers, among other things, to publications that were accompanied by extreme and blatant statements that clearly deviate from legitimate and factual criticism of the actions of public service officials.

The State Attorney’s Office stated: "The publications are part of a systematic campaign to defame D.’s name"R. Elrai-Price and other civil servants, and with the aim of letting go of public servants and preventing them from fulfilling their role faithfully for the public and his benefit. Moreover, unbridled attacks also undermine public confidence in those responsible for health care, particularly in the midst of many efforts to address a global epidemic. The State takes seriously these acts, which are intended to adversely affect the performance of the role of public servants and will act to provide protection to a public servant who acts impeccably for the benefit and benefit of the public, in the service and mission of the State."

The State Attorney’s Office emphasizes that "Criticism of civil servants is legitimate and even vital and is required of course, even if it is not always characterized by restraint and politeness. But from here to a systematic defamation of a person, personal incitement against him and malicious publication of defamation which are intended to humiliate him only because of the fulfillment of his function – is a long way. The state will take all the legal means at its disposal to eradicate this illegal phenomenon. Despite the restrained policy regarding defamation, and the willingness of officials to be harshly criticized, these publications are part of an unprecedented attack on health officials, which aims to disrupt the work of the Ministry of Health, along with their high severity, widespread distribution and inclusion of family members. giving directions."

Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman Noam Moskowitz

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