US"Histadrut Levant on the background of the nurses’ strike: Intervened to prevent violence in the health system

US"Histadrut Rabbi Arnon Bar-David today (Wednesday) expressed support for the nurses’ protest strike and sent a special letter to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett: "Those who pay for the lack of treatment of the issue are not only victims of violence in the workplace but Israeli society as a whole. The State of Israel has an excellent health system, but the medical staff do not feel protected in it", Hugh wrote today"The Histadrut’s chairman, Arnon Bar-David, at the beginning of the letter he sent to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

The letter was sent against the background of a protest strike that the nurses in the entire health system in the country have been taking since this morning, following the immediate non-implementation of the outline for dealing with violence in the health system. Bar-David noted in his letter that the protest strike was launched with his blessing and added: "I will continue to support and support the nurses in their important struggle for the basic right to go to work and return home in peace".

In his letter, Bar-David, who detailed the dire consequences of the routine of violent incidents, wrote: "The hundreds of cases that continue to accumulate each year, may lead to an expansion of the phenomenon of medical staff dealing with post-traumatic fear and stress, with decreased motivation and avoidance of patients. Let us not get into this situation, certainly not while all the tools to prevent the next incident are already on the table of decision makers.".

US"In a letter, the Histadrut calls for the prime minister’s personal intervention and for an urgent discussion in cooperation with Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz Vio"The Ilana Cohen Nurses’ Federation: "The eyes of the sisters and the eyes of tens of thousands of other workers in the State of Israel are now married to your government".

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