A resident of Kfar Qassem is accused of driving the terrorist who carried out the stabbing attack at the Nablus Gate

The Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office today (Thursday) filed an indictment in the city Magistrate’s Court against Issa Tzafavat (48), a resident of Kafr Qassem, who drove the terrorist who carried out the stabbing attack at the Nablus Gate about two weeks ago.

According to the indictment, the defendant is a taxi driver who was updated by a Palestinian taxi driver about trips by Palestinian workers seeking transportation within Israel, according to an agreement reached by the two. According to the agreement, about two weeks ago, the Palestinian taxi driver contacted the defendant and asked him to drive a resident of Qalqilya to Jerusalem. In exchange for the amount of money the defendant collected in his taxi, the perpetrator, a resident of Qalqilya, and dropped him off near the Nablus Gate, so after a while the stabbing attack took place, during which a young Jew was injured and needed to be hospitalized. The indictment stated that "The defendant’s negligence was expressed in the fact that he should have suspected that a resident of the territories he drove could be a threat that he intended to carry out an attack on Israeli territory, and did not refrain from transporting Qalqilya into Jerusalem.".

The indictment attributes to the defendant the commission of offenses of negligent sabotage and unlawful stay transportation.

The prosecution is asking the court to order the detention of the accused until the end of the legal proceedings against him.

archives. Photo: Police spokeswoman

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