A third pulse in the amount of NIS 350 million was paid to those entitled to a work grant

The tax authority has paid the third beat of a work grant for the year 2020 to about 249,000 eligible, employed and self-employed. The amount of the grant paid is about NIS 350 million. For the year 2020, the grant is paid, subject to compliance with the conditions of the law and in accordance with the criteria, for those who, among other things, their average monthly income exceeds NIS 1,280 and reaches up to NIS 11,580. The maximum grant amount for 2020 is NIS 8,640 and the average grant will be NIS 4,400.

It will be recalled that due to the corona, a supplement to the 2020 work grant was determined, for the eligibility period from April to December, in the amount of 62% of the grant amount and not less than NIS 990. Following the Corona crisis, it was also determined for the first time that employees whose income from April to December 2020 was received from a relative employer are entitled to a one-time work grant of 62% of the grant amount for their period of work with a relative.

Work grant paid p"The Authority directly to the bank accounts of those entitled, who meet the conditions set out in the law and its purpose is to improve the economic situation of employees at low wage levels, reduce socio-economic disparities and provide an incentive for their integration into the labor market. Applying for a grant is simple and easy, if an application for a grant has been submitted in one of the last two years, you can apply online until December 31, 2021, the rest will be able to apply at post offices across the country by December 28, 2021.

This week, the Tax Authority launched a wide-ranging advertising campaign aimed at encouraging those eligible for the grant to hurry up and exercise their eligibility.

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