"All the caregivers and the doctor in the economy must be mobilized to carry out vaccinations"

Against the background of the continued spread of the omicron variant in the world, warns today (Thursday) d"Rabbi Noy Cohen is complacent about the population and especially the complacency of the parents of the children who have not yet been vaccinated, and calls for a national vaccination campaign in which all those with knowledge and experience in administering vaccines will take part.

"In every school and educational institution where the Ministry of Health has promoted vaccination with the help of vaccine mobility, we have seen a sharp increase in the number of children who have been vaccinated. These are the right steps, but they are marginal in front of the required amount and in fact, they are like a drop in the ocean. The omicron is knocking on the door, and it is time to mobilize all the nursing and medical professionals in the economy for a large-scale, cross-sectoral vaccination campaign. We are at a critical point in time and we should take advantage of it".

D"R. Noy ​​Cohen, Deputy Director of Meller"D. Children Biya"H. Assuta Ashdod Public. Photo: Assuta spokeswoman Ashdod
Archive: Photo: freepik

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