Australia: Strong wind blows to inflatable castle – four children killed

Four children – two girls and two boys – were killed and four others were fatally injured after a strong wind blew a ten-meter-high inflatable castle at a school in the Australian state of Tasmania today (Thursday), the AP reported.

The school held a celebration to mark the end of the school year, and parents came to the school gate to pick up their children when helicopters transported the wounded to hospitals.

Tasmanian Prime Minister Peter Gottwein called the incident "Unbelievable… I know this is a strong and caring community that will stand together and support each other".

Tasmania police chief Debbie Williams told reporters "Several children fell from the jumping castle. They appear to have fallen from a height of about 10 feet. This is a very tragic event and our thoughts are with the families."

Photo: Grant Wells / AAP Image via AP

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