Corona in Israel: 741 verified for the virus in the past day, 80 in critical condition

The Ministry of Health updated this morning (Thursday) that 741 verified corona were diagnosed in the past day, and 1,352,778 people were diagnosed as positive for the virus from the outbreak of the plague. There are 80 patients defined as in critical condition, and 42 respirators. 8,227 people died from the outbreak. 95,764 people were tested for the virus in the past day. In addition, 6,430,161 people have been vaccinated in the first dose, 5,806,642 have been vaccinated in the second dose, and 4,140,645 people have been vaccinated in the third dose. The percentage of positive test subjects for the virus stands at 0.79% and the number of active patients stands at 6,446 people.

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