For the first time since the 1980s: The rare bird Koteli was observed in the Ein Prat Nature Reserve

Winter here and also the Western Wall: The bird that winters in Israel in January and February arrived at the Ein Prat Nature Reserve this morning after many years of not being observed in the reserve. The koteli is the only species in the koteli family, and belongs to the songbird series. This is a very rare bird in Israel, which comes here from the Alps and other high places where it resides during the summer months.

Photo: said Salhu

While flying, the wall looks like a butterfly in black, red and gray. He tends to look for his food while walking on the walls (hence his name) with the help of his long and strong claws, and picks insects from the cracks in the rock. Sometimes he also captures them in flight.

Amhara Salo, inspector of the Nature and Parks Authority, said: "It is exciting to see this rare bird coming to the reserve after many years not being observed in the area. It is not easy to document it because it is camouflaged with its colors between the walls. When she spreads her wings, her special beauty can be seen. I hope the visitors will enjoy its beauty".

Ohad Hatzofe, a bird ecologist at the Nature and Parks Authority, noted: “The beautiful bird that comes to Israel during the winter months was observed today in the Ein Prat Nature Reserve and its appearance in this area is rare. This year we were privileged to see the bird in the reserves that are more common to watch in the Ein Avdat and Arbel Nature Reserve."

Photo: said Salhu

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