Gauge forces"A are set to medically secure the Gran Fondo 2021 bicycle race

This coming weekend (17-18.12), the ‘Gran Fondo 2021’ bicycle race will be held in Eilat and the Arava, in which about two hundred riders are expected to participate, riding along the route of a long-distance route (90,40,12) and roads within the city of Eilat. The race will be medically secured by Med’s medics and paramedics"A will be performed in two beats: the prologue, will be held on Friday (17.12) and is in fact a personal race against the clock in a completely flat route, based on the take-off and landing route of the old airport of Eilat.

On Saturday (18.12), a road race will be held as part of the Gran Fondo in a long circular route, for a distance of up to 139 km"M with about 1,400 meters of cumulative climbing. The race for the three allotments will jump from the city of Eilat north to the Arava and end back in Eilat. The medics and paramedics of Med"A. They will medically secure the race against the clock that will take place on Friday, and on Saturday will be accompanied by intensive care vehicles and meter motorcycles"The riders on the tracks in Eilat and the Arava. Also, along the route will be measured meter forces"A. In order to submit a medical response to any need.

Negev Area Manager at the meter"A, Shimon Alkobi: "Meter teams"A. who work in full cooperation with the race organizers and the Israel Police accompany the riders and deploy the track hunters in order to provide medical assistance when needed to the participants. I ask the riders to obey the instructions of the organizers, to make all the necessary health preparations in advance, and in case they do not feel well slow down the ride or stop at the side of the track and immediately call the meter forces"A. Deployed in the field or at the 101 emergency line or using the Med app widget"My ‘".

Photo: Spokeswoman Med"A

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