Increased salary increases and welfare budget: change in the collective agreement at Paz Ashdod Refinery

The Histadrut, the Paz Ashdod Refinery Workers’ Committee and the company’s management today (Thursday) signed a special collective agreement that applies to about 360 of the company’s employees, and will be valid until the end of 2026.

With the announcement by Paz of the intention to make a structural change regarding the splitting of the refinery, negotiations began between the parties, the purpose of which is to regulate the future of the company’s employees in a collective agreement, in view of the structural change. Following the understandings between the employees ‘representatives and the company’s management, an agreement was signed that will improve the employees’ conditions and maintain their employment security.

The agreement includes, among other things, salary increases of an average of 5% .5, an increase in the quota of ranks distributed to the company’s employees, an update of the seniority supplement for second-generation employees and the return of an 8-hour work schedule (morning shift) for shift workers. Professional additions will also be provided to employees in a variety of positions, and rank tensions will be updated for the shift supervisor.

It was also determined that the welfare budget for employees will be increased by NIS 70,000 per year, and the period of receiving tenure will be shortened to 80% of existing employees.

As soon as the split procedure is carried out, a 5-year protection mechanism has been agreed that will prevent collective dismissals. The company will then provide employees with a safety net (increased compensation) for an additional 5 years in the event of an efficiency layoff. If the procedure is not carried out, the employees will receive a one-time financial grant.

Nothing in the agreement shall exhaust the requirements of the employees’ representation in the event of the sale or control of the company. In such a case Mo will be administered"From a separate collective between the parties with respect to the implications of these moves on the employees.

In his own"From took part on behalf of the Histadrut Yu"R. Merhav Ashdod Haim Shayev, Yu"R. Shalva Elishkashvili Refinery Workers’ Committee, Coordinator of the Trade Union in the Ashdod Area"D. Private David and Adv"D. Gali Steinberg from the Legal Bureau.

US"Histadrut Rabbi Arnon Bar-David: "I welcome the agreement that improves the conditions of employees in the areas of wages and welfare while maintaining employment security, even if the company splits from the Ashdod refinery. I thank Liu"R. Ashdod area Haim Shayev, Liu"The committee’s Shalva Elishkashvili and the company’s management on the cooperation and willingness until the agreement is reached for the employees".

Ashdod Refinery CEO Amit Carmel: “The agreement signed today reflects the company’s board’s belief in the future of the refinery as a leading factor in the Israeli energy economy while maintaining it as an attractive workplace that preserves its people for a long time and nurtures them. I would like to thank Shalva and the other members of the committee, Haim Shayev and David Pertieli from the Histadrut, the human resources manager Etty Birnstock, Naama Bish, Dorit Tene and all the staff involved. “

US"R. Ashdod Region in the Histadrut, Haim Shayev: "This is a groundbreaking agreement in everything related to company splitting and structural changes. We set ourselves the goal of extending the agreement as much as possible and extending its duration, so that it would maintain the employment security of the workers for a long period of time – and we met the task. I am proud of the end result, and all for the benefit of the employees of Paz Ashdod Refinery".

US"Committee of Paz Workers’ Ashdod Refinery Shalva Elishkashvili: "I welcome the excellent agreement, which includes achievements for employees including salary increases, tenure and provisions for the welfare fund. The agreement also provides important protection against layoffs for a decade, after the split. I thank everyone who contributed to the achievement of the agreement, which will lead to continued growth and prosperity in the company".

Photo: Histadrut Spokeswoman
Photo: Histadrut Spokeswoman

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