Jerusalem: Two children were accidentally locked in a car and rescued safely

A call was received yesterday (Wednesday) at the “Friends” organization hotline, about two small children who were accidentally locked in a car in front of their mother, on Yaakov Pat Street in Jerusalem. Yosef Haim Israeli, manager of the Jerusalem Central Branch, responded to the call, arrived at the address and with the equipment in his possession rescued the babies, without causing any damage to the vehicle.

Joseph relates: "I was nearby, in the middle of an ambulance shift. I left immediately and arrived quickly. There was an unusual difficulty because it was a vehicle with a reverse opening, when the key was under the coat and without a ring. I worked quite a bit to rescue the children but to my delight I was finally able to open and rescue them directly into the hands of their excited mother, not before making sure they were intact and healthy. As always it is a feeling of satisfaction".

In ‘Friends’, parents are repeatedly called upon to carry the car key and not give it to the children.

Photo: ‘Friends’

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