Ram"Promotes the establishment of a new metropolitan employment area in an area of ​​1,128 dunams near Ramla

A plan that deals with the establishment of a new metropolitan employment area in an area of ​​approximately 1,128 dunams, was decided for deposit in the District Planning and Construction Committee, the center of the plan and was promoted by the Israel Land Authority. The employment area is planned to be on the municipal border of the city of Ramla, Gezer Regional Council and Hevel Modiin Regional Council which includes an intercity transportation center, a new train station located on the Anaba railway track and a public park in the Tel Gezer area. Also in the program are employment areas, offices and commercial combined with hotels, logistics storage, a college and a public park for leisure and recreation located along Nahal Gezer.

Imaging: Palace of Architects and Urban Planners

The plan initiated by the Israel Land Authority to establish a new metropolitan employment area is located at the foot of the Nesher plant, west of Highway 1 between the Gezer Interchange in the east and Nahal Ayalon in the west in the triangle of Ramla, Gezer and Modiin jurisdictions and covers a total area of ​​1,128 dunams.
The plan amounts to about 2,161,719 m"R, of which about 1,245,000 m"R. Main areas and about 916,719 m"R. Service areas that include: employment about 536,440 m"R., offices about 314,598 m"R, trade and tourism of about 300 guest rooms in a total area of ​​about 74,639 m"R, storage in an area of ​​about 130,220 m"R., an overnight parking lot for buses in an area of ​​about 66,000 m"R., as well as green areas and a park of about 240 dunams.

Imaging: Palace of Architects and Urban Planners

The plan was designed by Palace Architects and Urban Planners Ltd."M.

Rafi Elmaleh, Director of Planning and Projects at Ram"He welcomed the deposit of the plan and noted that it is a significant plan that offers a metropolitan employment park between Ramla, MA Gezer and Modi’in. The new employment area will be based on the principles of high accessibility to public transportation and an inter-urban transportation center and the new train station will be established there. "berry". On the western side of the complex there will be a large green public park for leisure and recreational activities along Nahal Gezer.

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