The court ordered the release of "Undercover Temple Mount"

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court recently (Thursday) ordered the release of Shani "Undercover Temple Mount" From detention. At the hearing, the police asked to extend the two’s detention by five days, Justice of the Peace Adi Bar-Tal rejected the police’s request and ordered the release of the two under restrictive conditions.

At the hearing he represented the two att"D. Nati Rom on behalf of the Honno organization. To the question of Adv"D. Rom to the police representative At the hearing, whether it is an offense for Jews to enter the gates of the Temple Mount, the police representative answered yes and added that there is a government decision prohibiting the immigration of Jews from the gates from which Muslims enter, a fact that the organization claims is incorrect. At the request of the police, the execution of the decision was delayed for several hours for the purpose of considering an appeal by the police.

Adv"D. Nati Rom said: "This is a scandalous detention, we are happy that the court has decided to release the suspects and Egypt for asking the police to delay execution. I am appalled by the statement in the Jerusalem courtroom that Jews are not allowed to enter the gates of the Temple Mount, where Muslims enter, this is racial discrimination, in a democratic state that must not take place. We hope that ym"Rabbi Jerusalem will find it appropriate to invest his forces in the serious crimes committed daily in the city and not against the Jews who did not commit any crime at all.".

Photo: Haim Zach / Le"M

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