The global index company MSCI is examining the inclusion of Israel in the European benchmark indices

The Securities Authority announced today (Thursday) that the global index company MSCI is examining the inclusion of Israel in the European benchmark indices. This decision was made against the background of a professional process conducted by the Authority’s staff over the past two years with the index company and other factors in the index industry, as part of the Securities Authority’s strategic plan to establish and expand the public capital market in Israel. One of the world’s leading capital markets.

Israel’s joining the European benchmark indices is expected to inject billions of dollars into the Israeli capital market, and increased exposure of Israeli public companies to diverse international investors, whose presence is expected to create great added value for the local capital market and the Israeli economy as a whole.

Chairman of the Securities Authority Anat Guetta. Photo: Inbal Marmari

The many benefits inherent in international investors include, among others, exposure to the strong Israeli currency, diversification of the investment portfolio, and exposure to sectors in which the Israeli market excels, such as the high-tech industry.

The index editor MSCI is now expected to conduct a professional and independent review of the process with leading asset managers and other stakeholders in the global arena. This examination is expected to be completed at the end of January and its results will be published during the month of February 2022.

Director of the International Department of Business Development at the Securities Authority, Ofir Eyal. Photo: Inbal Marmari
Photo: freepik


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