The GSS exposed two Hamas agents who carried out espionage missions in Israeli territory

It was allowed to publish that as part of a joint activity of the General Security Service and the Israel Police on November 29, 2021, Hussein Biari, 30, an Israeli citizen with a family in the Gaza Strip and Mahmoud Ahmad, 33, a resident of the Gaza Strip, was arrested for questioning.

The findings of the investigations carried out indicate that the two were recruited by Hamas’ spy and terrorism infrastructure in the Gaza Strip, which employs agents inside Israel, with the intention of terrorist operatives from Gaza, including Muhammad Halawa.

According to the findings of the investigations, the two met with their operatives in Hamas during their stay in the Gaza Strip in order to receive the missions and subsequently maintained ongoing secret-operational contact with their operatives.

Mahmoud Ahmad’s investigation revealed that he was recruited for the espionage infrastructure during 2019 and that as part of his activities he performed tasks for gathering information about Iron Dome systems throughout the country and also acted for the secret photography of IDF soldiers."To Ashkelon Central Station.

The information accumulated during the interrogation of the second defendant, Hussein Biari, showed that he was recruited for the espionage infrastructure during the past year and managed to carry out gathering missions in front of military bases, IDF soldiers."To and Iron Dome systems throughout the country.
In addition, Biari was asked by Hamas to incite the Arab population in Israel against the state, obtain weapons and carry out an attack on Israeli territory.

These investigations, which are in addition to previous investigations carried out in the last two years in front of spy infrastructure agents, once again reveal the fact that Hama"S. exploits the border crossings in favor of promoting terrorist activity in Israel and causes citizens to endanger their families in Israel and the Gaza Strip. This publication illustrates how Hamas exploits trade permits for terrorist activities.

Today (Thursday) an indictment was filed against the Hussein Biari District Court in the Lod District Court, while an indictment against Mahmoud Ahmad was filed in the Be’er Sheva District Court on the same date. The indictments attribute to the two serious security offenses.

From the respondent"As reported: "The General Security Service takes very seriously any intention of terrorist and espionage activity from the Gaza Strip and will continue to operate together with the Israel Police and the IDF."In order to detect and thwart in advance any hostile activity on the part of these organizations."

Illustration. Photo: Police spokeswoman

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