Three live battalions"Special units were called in to locate the terrorists: "This is an ambush"

Commander of the Io Division"Q. Brigadier General Avi Ballut said this evening (Thursday) at the scene of the attack in Samaria, where an Israeli was killed by terrorists, that it was an ambush and not a passing vehicle: "This is a serious attack with the dead and two lightly wounded. Shortly after 19:00 a vehicle came out and encountered an ambush on the side of the axis. We check every end of the wire, physically and intelligence. Three live battalions"R. and special units were jumped to the cut in favor of thwarting – as soon as we know the location of the squad. At any given moment there are warnings and organizations, and we do not know if the attack is related to any of them. Our premise is that there are squads of this type, and this is how any battalion that defends here operates".

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