Two 13-year-old girls were detained for questioning on suspicion of abusing a girl at a school in Bab"That

An investigation was opened by the Israel Police following a complaint of a girl who was abused within the walls of a school in Be’er Sheva. During the investigation, which is conducted in the youth department of the Be’er Sheva station, the suspicion arose that the girl was approached by three students who poured various cleaning materials on her, including bleach-type disinfectant, then rubbed her head with a broom. Meanwhile, the boys filmed the act in order to upload it to social networks.

Since this morning (Thursday), two 13-year-old suspects have been detained for questioning and are continuing.

Superintendent Yoni Dasklo, an officer from the Beer Sheva Youth Department, said: "This is a very serious incident in which a girl was humiliated in the eyes of her friends and all for the sake of humiliation and advertising on the social network. We will work to bring justice to those involved."

Illustration. Credit: freepik

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