Wounded shooting attack in Lod demands: "The terrorists were prosecuted for attempted murder"

The victim of the attack in the shooting incident in Lod turned to the Central District Attorney, Adv"D. Rachel Arbisher-Abels Please correct the indictment against the shooters in the attack in which he was injured, and charge them with attempted murder. Adv"D. Haim Bleicher of the Honno organization representing the wounded, said: "May convey to potential terrorists that their behavior is tolerated".

On demand, it was sent by Adv"D. Bleicher of the ‘Honnu’ organization, writes that it is not possible that such an incident was not included under attempted murder "On December 2, 2001, indictments were filed against the two suspects in the act, Eid Hasson and Amsalem Hasson. To my client’s astonishment, the two were not charged with attempted murder. From the testimony of those present at the incident, apparently clearly in the documentation video, as well as explicitly in the confessions of the defendants detailed in the indictment Berry that the defendants fired at my client and his friends in direct incarceration, from a distance of 10-20 meters, while fleeing", Writes Adv"D. Bleicher.

The letter further stated that the motives of the two are clear to all "Such firing is not intimidation or threat, but a real assault, and it continues even after my client is injured, and is accompanied by the throwing of Molotov cocktails and stones, which can be seen by a careful perusal of the documentary that has been published. It is clear that this is a shooting in order to injure and yet the miracle of the shooting hit the leg and not other vital organs".

"Such shooting is an attempted murder", Cont"D. Bleicher. "Also, the attack was carried out for terrorist motives, which strengthens the murderers’ intent to kill beyond the clear intent of their actions", He added.

In addition, Adv"D. Bleicher the ease of punishment in such incidents "Such incidents should not be taken lightly, and as we have seen, in the accumulation of events during the riots, the terrorists intended and even unfortunately managed to murder three Jews in three cases. Accusing a terrorist who carried out such a shooting attack solely b"Firearms" And"Severe sabotage" Does not exhaust the law with the terrorists, does not reflect the seriousness of the act, and may also convey to potential terrorists that their behavior is accepted with forgiveness".

At the end of his letter, Adv"D. of the victim to change the indictment from aggravated sabotage to intentional attempted murder.

The shooting occurred on May 13, during Operation Wall Guard. As part of the severe riots in the city of Lod, a shooting was carried out on Exodus Street in the city, in which a yeshiva boy who serves as a paramedic was injured."A., who came to help the residents of Lod. The wounded man managed to rescue and treat a number of wounded before he was shot and injured himself. He was injured in the leg, and for many weeks was in rehabilitation and had to move around with crutches.

Photo: Police spokeswoman

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