An indictment was filed against a resident of Kfar Tamun: "Arrived in Tel Aviv-Yafo with the intention of murdering Jews"

District Attorney A."A, filed yesterday (Thursday) in the city district court, an indictment against Muhammad Bnei Odeh from Kfar Tamun, for a terrorist act of attempting to murder it after he decided, out of a nationalist-ideological motive, to murder Jews wherever they were Jews by stabbing.

According to the facts of the indictment filed by Adv"D. Amit Schloss, on 11/21/21, the defendant equipped himself with a knife, entered Israel illegally and arrived in Tel Aviv-Yafo with the intention of murdering Jews. After the defendant located the couple B.R. and T.R., who were walking on Bat Yam Street"A. The defendant clung to BR’s back and stabbed him in the back, neck and chest. BR tried to defend against the defendant with his hands while TR stumbled and fell to his feet, but the defendant did not let go of him and continued to stab B.R several times in his chest and left arm, with the intent to cause his death.

After his actions, the defendant fled the scene, and hid in the mosque until his arrest. As a result, B.R. was moderately injured and hospitalized at Wolfson Hospital. The defendant was also charged with the offense of entering or staying in Israel in violation of the law.

As part of the arrest request, Adv"D. Lock that: "Committing such a dangerous offense of a terrorist attack on such an ideological background, along with a built-in fear of disruption and escape and even an actual attempt to escape from the country after the attempted murder, teach that the purpose of detention can only be achieved by actual arrest, behind bars."

Illustration. Photo: freepik

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