Ashdod: A six-month-old baby was locked in a car and rescued safely

A call was received last night (Thursday) at the center of the “Friends” organization, about a six-month-old baby who was accidentally locked in a car in front of his parents, on Yanai Street in Ashdod. Volunteers from the Ashdod branch of the organization responded to the call and, using the equipment in their possession, rescued the baby safely, without causing any damage to the vehicle.

Raphael, one of the drives who came to the rescue said: "The hot weather, the dark area and the hustle and bustle around me, together with the vehicle’s vacuum lock – made the rescue operations difficult. Plus, this is the first time I went out for an emergency call from a child locked in a car. Along with the rest of the drives we were able to quickly open the doors and get the baby out safely. The excited father was very surprised by the speed of reaction. Great satisfaction that the event ended intact".

Photo: ‘Friends’

In ‘Friends’, parents are repeatedly called upon to carry the car key and not give it to the children.

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