Following the video, Ben Gvir contacted the police: "Immediately arrest the anti-Semite, his place in prison"

A documentary was published on the Tiktok network yesterday (Thursday), in which a resident of East Jerusalem laughs at an ultra-Orthodox disabled person, tells him that he is under arrest for “stealing a can of cola” and that he should be shown an ID card. In another documentary, the same guy documents when he enters a pharmacy on Bar Ilan Street and photographs how he pinches an ultra-Orthodox ear.

US"Jewish Power, Ha"Itamar Ben Gvir turned to the Jerusalem District Commander and demanded: "Immediately arresting the anti-Semite, his place in prison, is a serial abuser who chose to harm Jews, abuse them and gain public attention at their expense. Police need to arrest him, and put him in jail" Ben Gvir warned in his appeal to MMM"G that if the police do not deal with such incidents with a heavy hand, the situation will worsen and such cases will get worse. "These despicable anti-Semites who harm Jews should be punished and others deterred from committing similar acts in the future.".

Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman – Danny Shem Tov

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