Social Security: Representatives were sent to the home of the family killed in the Chumash attack

The National Insurance Institute last night (Thursday) contacted the family of the late Yehuda Dimentman, who was killed in the shooting attack in the Chumash. Upon learning of the incident, representatives of the National Insurance Institute’s Victims of Hostilities Division contacted the family and ordered buses and an ambulance escort for them and the participants in the funeral.

Next week, Social Security representatives will visit the grieving family for immediate assistance. In addition, the family will be paid initial financial assistance that will be transferred directly to the bank account of the parents and the widow of Yehuda. The wounded from the attack – representatives of the Social Security’s hostility division will come to visit them on Sunday, together with a social worker to promote assistance for them.

Osnat Cohen, director of the Victims of Hostility Division: “Unfortunately, another family is joining the circle of hostility. Social Security employees will accompany the family in anything they need with financial assistance and / or financing for medical needs. In any event the pain is very great and inconceivable. Our work is a mission and we treat it with reverence and as much as we can to help the family of the late Judah and the wounded – we will be there. “

Photo: MivzakLive News

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