"The Heroes’ Trail Race": Over 1200 participated in a race for patients recovering from breast cancer in Afula

Over 1200 participants were launched recently (Friday), b"A race for the heroines" In the municipal park in Afula, for patients recovering from breast cancer treated at the Emek Medical Center.

The race, initiated by Galit Tamir, who recovered from the disease, in collaboration with the Afula Municipality, the Jezreel Valley Council and the Friends of the Valley Medical Center Association.

The race involves children and adults from Afula from the Jezreel Valley and the surrounding area, in the allotments of a competitive 2k distance run"M, 5k"M and 10k"From, and in the allotments of walking. In addition, running groups from all over the country have organized to run carrying the signs with the names of the heroines dealing with an illness for which they are running.

Director of the Valley Medical Center, d"Rabbi Ziv Rosenbaum opened the event:" I did not anticipate the magnitude of the excitement. To meet here so many good people who came together for such an important event for such a worthy cause. Galit is the inspiration and engine behind the event and it is without a doubt a victory image".

Photo: Valley Medical Center

Photo: Valley Medical Center

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