A 40-year-old man on a bench in Tel Aviv is being resuscitated with signs of hypothermia

A 40-year-old man was recently (Saturday) lying unconscious with signs of hypothermia (low body temperature) on a bench on Neve Sha’anan Street in Tel Aviv. Medics and paramedics from Med"A. They gave him medical treatment and evacuated him to Ichilov Hospital while performing resuscitation operations.

The paramedics of Med"Noam Weissbach and Yamit Aharon Fink said: "The man was lying unconscious on a bench in the street when it was very cold to the touch and his clothes were soaked with water after the heavy rain that had fallen in the last day. We performed medical tests and performed advanced resuscitation operations on him that included resuscitation, massages and medication and evacuated him to the hospital while warming up and continuing to perform resuscitation operations."

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