A Jaffa resident was arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking while in his possession"C cocaine

Detectives at the Jaffa station last night (Friday) carried out an initiated and focused activity against these offenses, in which they arrested a 21-year-old Jaffa resident on suspicion of possession and trafficking in drugs.

As part of the activity, detectives in the suspect’s possession, inside a building in the city that is allegedly used for criminal activity, uncovered the suspect’s substance as a ‘cocaine’ drug in a commercial quantity of about 5,000 ‘packets’ which were allegedly intended for trade and distribution on the city streets.

All the findings were seized and transferred for further extraction of evidence in the forensic laboratories, the suspect was arrested for questioning at the station and at the end was imprisoned.

Today, in accordance with the needs of the investigation and its findings, the police will request an extension of his detention in the Magistrate’s Court in Tel Aviv.

Photo: Police spokeswoman
Photo: Police spokeswoman

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