Protest against the security situation: Dozens violate the order in Jerusalem, 13 suspects were arrested

Tonight, riots and violent riots began during a protest near the entrance to the city of Jerusalem. During the riots, rioters blocked the entrance to the city and threw objects at the police. Police forces used means to disperse riots to repel the rioters.

At this time (Mot"Q) Police forces are working to keep the traffic lane open while even now dozens of rioters continue to try to block the traffic lane in the area and confront the police.

So far, 13 suspects have been arrested for disorderly conduct and are being transferred for questioning at the police station.

The police said: "The Israel Police will continue to allow freedom of protest within the boundaries of the law, but will not allow a violation of public order in violation of the law and will act against violent riots and attempts to harm police officers and road users."

archives. Photo: Police spokeswoman

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