Safed: Two-year-old suffocated from avocado, her condition is stable

Medics and paramedics of Med"A. together with the medical teams of the Rescue Union provided the evening (Mot"Q) First aid and saved the life of a two-year-old girl who suffocated at her home in Safed.

Guy Shaul, a paramedic at the Rescue Union, said: "The neighbor came to me with the girl and told me that she suffocated while eating avocado. I performed actions to save her life (Heimlich) and miraculously she regained full consciousness".

Moti Neumann Hirsch Another paramedic from the Rescue Union said: "After the initial assistance we provided her, she was evacuated in an intensive care unit to continue receiving medical treatment and tests at Ziv Hospital in a stable condition and in full consciousness.".

In guidelines previously issued by the Medical Division of "United Rescue" Written: "The way to prevent suffocation in children – cut the food into small pieces and make sure to teach the toddlers to chew the food well before swallowing".

Photo: Miguel Research Institute

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