The IDF and the US Cyber ​​Command have completed a joint defense exercise

The cyber defense exercise “Cyberdom” of the IDF’s cyber defense system has ended with the cooperation of the US Cyber ​​Command in the United States.

The exercise simulated combat scenarios in the cyber dimension in order to improve the readiness of the IDF"To and the U.S. Cyber ​​Command for increasing cyber threats. The exercise was led by the ICT’s ICT Division in cooperation with the US Cyber ​​Command in the United States Army. This exercise reflects the growing strategic partnership between the United States military and the IDF.

The exercise took place at the US Cyber ​​Command facility in the United States, and is the sixth exercise in a number that the IDF’s cyber defense system is practicing together with the US Cyber ​​Command.

The head of the ICT’s ICT and Defense Division, Maj. Gen. Lior Carmeli, joined the exercise visit and was impressed by the deep partnership and the learning and improvement processes.

In the words of the head of the ICT and Defense Division at the General Staff, Major General Lior Carmeli: The Strategic Partnership of the IDF"”In these areas, it is important and significant in joint practice with the US Cyber ​​Command.”

Photo: IDF Spokesman"To
Photo: IDF Spokesman"To

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