40 people were diagnosed as positive in the past day for the omicron variant

The Ministry of Health updated that 40 new verified Lorient omicrons were identified today (Sunday). To date, 175 verified individuals have been identified in Israel:

113 verified returnees from South Africa, England, France, USA"In the United Arab Emirates, Hungary, Italy, Namibia, Tanzania, Germany, Morocco, Spain, Serbia, Belgium, Cyprus and Turkey.

• 31 verified contacts of returnees from South Africa, England, USA"In and France.

• 17 in the community (three events).

• 14 in testing.

Of those 175 verified: 53 unprotected (unvaccinated, recovering half a year after recovery, and vaccinated in a second dose half a year after vaccination), 122 protected and one unknown.

There is a high suspicion of another 380 cases of Lorient Omicron exposure for which the flooring results have not yet been received:

• 211 – Circular returns"To.

• 46 – Contacts.

• 123 – In the community.

Of the total verified and"High suspicion" (555):

• 229 with symptoms.

• 325 without symptoms.

• 1 in the testing process.

At this point, those who have been exposed (including vaccinated / recovering) to the verified Lorient Omicron or to those defined in"High suspicion", Should perform a PCR test and go into isolation for 14 days with the option to shorten isolation on the 7th day after a negative PCR test result.

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