Another concern for Omikron in the Knesset: Minister and Tisha H."Chim went into isolation

Following an epidemiological investigation conducted by representatives of the Ministry of Health, MKs Gilad Karib, Merav Ben-Ari, Gadi Yabarkan, Yom Tov Kalfon, Kati Sheetrit, Musi Raz, Moshe Tor Paz, Hemed Amar and Simcha Rotman were placed as safety promoters for the purpose of attempting to cut the chain. Were required to go into isolation in light of their exposure to one of the Knesset channel’s letters which was found to be verified as a patient with the corona virus. (There is concern about Omicorn)

Representatives of the Knesset Secretariat contacted the Knesset members and updated them on the details of the investigation and the findings. The Knesset is considering a number of additional preventive measures that will help reduce the risk of infection.

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