As part of Hebrew Language Week: The President meets with network stars

As part of Hebrew Language Week and as part of a campaign "Think well" To change the discourse on social networks, President Yitzhak Herzog and his wife Michal met today, Sunday, 9"And on Saturday, December 19, with network stars at the President’s House. The network stars taking part in the campaign participated in an open dialogue with the president and his wife about the importance of the discourse on social networks and its implications for good and evil.

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As part of the campaign, dozens of celebrities shared videos of themselves reading the most abusive response they received online, with the blunt and aggressive words being censored and replaced with positive and reinforcing words. The goal of the campaign is to flood millions of followers with the difficulty behind reading harsh responses, to encourage people to think twice before using abusive and violent language, and to think positively before responding.

In his opening remarks, the President said that he was happy to meet the stars and added: “There is tremendous power here, you are influencing millions of people. This is a great opportunity to change the discourse. This is our common challenge. “

Photo: Kobi Gideon / GPO

The president commented on the campaign: “Think well” and said: “From the first moment I was elected, in my inaugural speech and at every event on every platform, I have set myself the central goal of moderating the abusive discourse and cyberbullying that afflict us as individuals and society. We must do everything we can, together, to change the discourse on the web and in the whole nation. We must start thinking well and write well. The discourse on the networks bothers me. The hand has become light on the keyboard and red lines are constantly being crossed in the digital network. Think well, reach out to another, get to know the other, respect, love, because our ability to function as a healthy society comes from this place. “

Photo: Kobi Gideon / GPO

At the meeting, the President referred to the importance of the Hebrew language and emphasized: “We are at the beginning of Hebrew Week, we will mark here, at the President’s House, a series of events on the beautiful Hebrew language we received. We got it originally from the Bible, and from there it evolved and evolved. It’s a language I’m in love with to the roof, and we spoil it on the networks. I think the challenge is when we think well, it’s also writing well and well. ‘

At the end of his speech, the president addressed the network’s stars and said: "We need to influence as many people as possible to say together: ‘Let’s set the tone, let’s live together.’ The phenomenon can only be stopped by social pressure. This is your huge mission and I want to thank you for it. “

The president’s wife added: ‘One of the issues I have taken on, as the president’s wife, is to put the spotlight on this whole world of mental health. I think it’s very much related to what’s going on in the networks, especially in the last two years, when we’re all even more on screens. We see the impact, especially in teens, the suicide that has risen, the vulnerability, the abuse, the sexual assault. If we all become a tool for good, our day. I’m so glad you guys joined this good initiative. Encourages me to hear how a younger generation understands its responsibility, understands that along with sympathy, also comes responsibility to respond in a controlled manner. Well done and thank you very much. ‘

Photo: Kobi Gideon / GPO

Adi Sofer-Thani, CEO of Meta in Israel: “A huge thank you to President Yitzhak Herzog, his wife Michal Herzog and everyone who chose to take part in this difficult project. I am excited to say that the campaign that was the opening shot has already reached more than 7.3 million Israelis. We are all here because we feel that the blunt discourse and the phenomenon of the light hand on the keyboard have recently taken on dimensions that produce social norms that we must change. We are here to preserve the good things in the loose and empowering discourse that the internet allows, but also to address the phenomenon of negative discourse. Such changes have always required leaders to carry the banner of change – and I want to thank you all for carrying it. It’s in the hands of all of us. ‘

Aki Avni, an Israeli actor, comedian and TV presenter addressed the issue at the meeting and said: "Words are a weapon no less powerful than any other unconventional weapon, and people use that weapon. We know that this weapon can be unpleasant and even destructive. Well done for taking responsibility for the platforms and your abilities to invest in the discourse and national mood, or at least be that change. I’m glad we’re here today."

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