Danger in Tiktuk: A 32-year-old man is accused of committing sexual offenses on dozens of minors in the widget

The Central District Attorney’s Office today (Sunday) filed an indictment in the Central District Court against Daniel Oscar (32) from Netanya, for multiple sexual offenses committed by minors using the Tiktok widget. Defendant has been acting serially for the past two years, during which time he has made contact with about 100 minors under the age of 12. The defendant used to conduct correspondence and video conversations with sexually explicit content with the minors while asking them for various requests of a sexual nature, and when in one case he even caused the minor to commit an act of rape herself.

As described in the indictment, filed by Adv"D. Adi Arad, the defendant held accounts on various social networks including Instagram and Tiktok that are popular with children, through which he worked serially to make contact with over a hundred minors under the age of 12, and even tried to initiate a meeting with some of them, while being aware of their age. The defendant conducted conversations with the minors of a sexual nature using blatant language and when addressing requests with sexual content to them. The defendant used to ask the minors to send him pictures of them in partial or full nudity and also sent them pictures of his penis. In one case, he tried to get one of the minors to perform sexual acts on her sister, while in another case he contacted an 11.5-year-old minor and asked her, during a video call between the two, to perform acts of rape on her body. The suspect was apprehended after some of the minors reported the defendant’s approach to their parents, and these contacted the police.

After the defendant’s brother learned of his actions, he warned to stop them, while the defendant in response deleted the content of the conversations he had with the minors as well as the photos and videos exchanged between them.

For the aforesaid, the defendant is charged with multiple offenses of causing the rape of a minor under the age of fourteen, attempting to rape a minor under the age of fourteen, indecent act on a minor under the age of fourteen, attempted indecent act on a minor under fourteen, Sexual harassment of a minor under the age of fifteen, attempted sexual harassment of a minor under the age of fifteen and obstruction of justice.

Simultaneously with the indictment, a request for detention was filed against the defendant until the end of the proceedings against him, in which Adv."D. Arad, among other things, also for the condition of the injured minors: "Many of the minors who gave messages as part of the police investigation responded with a great storm of emotions, and some found themselves in such a difficult mental state that they were unable to give their version of the investigation. Releasing the respondent from detention may send a difficult message to the victims and complainants in sex cases in general, and may lead to further psychological harm in them.".

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