Hundreds of settlers broke through IDF checkpoints"When fighters attacked the Chumash, a soldier was lightly wounded

Hundreds of settlers arrived early Sunday morning in the area of ​​the Chumash outpost. The settlers used violence against the security forces, broke through checkpoints set up in the area and entered the evacuated settlement area in order to try and erect illegal structures on the site.

TZ forces"To, mg"The police tried to block the arrival of the settlers and they used physical and verbal violence, vandalized military property and blocked the passage of forces. In addition, an IDF fighter was slightly injured as a result of being hit by a settler vehicle.

This is a TZ"To be delivered: "The IDF condemns any manifestation of violence against the security forces and will act resolutely in relation to any attempt to harm the members of the security forces who perform their role in maintaining the security of Israeli citizens. The IDF will continue to focus on maintaining the security of civilians, along with law enforcement and preventing any illegal activity."

Photo: IDF Spokesman"To

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