Lifeguards on wheels: 41 new motorcycles have joined the Red Star of David

Med’s motorcycle unit"A. was renewed today (Sunday) with 41 new emergency motorcycles to be used by medics and mounted paramedics from Med"A., in order to shorten the time of arrival for emergencies and save lives all over the country, in the big cities and in the periphery.

Med’s motorcycle unit"A. was established in 2002 and currently employs more than 500 three-wheeled and heavy tools, which are specially adapted to the needs of the organization, in order to provide primary medical assistance in the field. The motorcycle is made up of dedicated equipment for medical equipment, red lights and a siren and is painted in a bright yellow color, in order to stand out on the road in an emergency. The motorcycle is equipped with advanced first aid equipment, resuscitation equipment, defibrillator, epiphany syringe for allergy treatment, dressing equipment, oxygen balloon to aid breathing, medication and more. The medics and paramedics of Med"They are undergoing a course to improve riding skills and control their way to save lives and professional training.

Eli Ben Simhon, head of the national motorcycle unit at the meter"A: "Med’s motorcycle unit"A. is intensifying and its people are working tirelessly to save lives at any time and place. The new motorcycles make it possible to learn"A. Get to wherever assistance is needed, quickly and efficiently."

Eli Bin, CEO"To meter"A: "Today, dozens of new motorcycles have joined hundreds of meter motorcycles"A. deployed throughout the country and saving lives day in and day out for an hour. The new motorcycles will help further shorten the response time and allow us to reach those who need medical help faster. We will continue to work to shorten response times for public health".

Photo: Operational documentation Med"A
Photo: Operational documentation Med"A

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