Ministry of Justice and Taibeh Municipality in joint course: A team will be set up to combat institutional racism

The Government Unit for the Coordination of the Fight against Racism in the Ministry of Justice and the Taibeh Municipality today (Sunday) launched the activities of the joint task force to combat institutional racism, which aims to strengthen cooperation between central and local government in this area. The team, consisting of representatives of the Ministry of Justice and Taibeh Municipality, will work to raise awareness in the city in particular and in Arab society in general, of the unit’s activities as well as to adapt the unit’s activities to needs emerging from the field.

The first event as part of the pilot that took place this morning in the Taibeh Municipality was attended by a CEO"To the Ministry of Justice Adv"D. Eran Davidi, head of the government unit for coordinating the fight against racism, Adv"D. Awka Zena, Vice President of the Supreme Court Vio"The Council’s Advisory Council to the Unit, Judge (Retired) Eliakim Rubinstein, the Mayor of Taibeh, Shuaa Masarwa Mansour, the Deputy Attorney General (Civil), Adv."D. Carmit Ulysses and professionals from the municipality. During the first meeting, the issue of planning and construction came up for discussion, to which she referred at length"D. Ulysses, and agreed on the continuation of joint activities on this issue while understanding that in-depth public participation is needed as part of the implementation of government decisions on this issue.

Adv"D. Awka Zena, Head of the Government Unit for the Coordination of the Fight Against Racism: "The rate of complaints received by the unit from Arab society is very low, and does not match their share of the population. We want to make the unit’s activities accessible and we have the burden of strengthening the public’s trust in the unit and the ministry. The purpose and idea of ​​the pilot is to try and see how it is possible to promote cooperation between the government and a local authority and thus mediate to the residents the activity of the unit and their options to use it while they experience racism or discrimination in the public service".

US"The Council Adviser to the Unit for the Coordination of the Fight Against Racism, the former Vice-President of the Supreme Court, Justice (Retired) Eliakim Rubinstein: "There is tremendous importance in understanding the needs and problems associated with racism and discrimination in Arab society as they are expressed on the ground, so I am excited about this meeting and the joint move we are embarking on, and hope for those who will follow it and not just here but in other local authorities".

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