Omicron restrictions in the Knesset: Visitors will not be allowed to enter, the gym will be closed

This morning (Sunday), the Director General of the Knesset, Gil Segal, held a situation assessment meeting with all professionals in the Knesset, in view of the increase in the incidence of coronary heart disease in Israel and due to seven cases of infection (Omicron concern) in recent days.

Knesset Director General Gil Segal said at the meeting that “the Knesset has made a series of strict / significant resolutions aimed at cutting off the chain of contagion on the one hand and ensuring the continuity of Knesset activity on the other.”

Segal emphasized in his remarks that “the Omicorn variant does not take into account the parliamentary immunity of the Mishkan and therefore a decision was made in principle according to which all activities belonging to the core and continuity of parliamentary activity will be carried out in strict accordance with other building activities .

Added another CEO"To the Knesset that ‘the new variant poses a great challenge due to its unique features; The Knesset will continue to act responsibly and with discretion, in close cooperation with the guiding professionals in the Ministry of Health. “

These are the series of new decisions for the Knesset that were sent to the House of Representatives this afternoon by the Knesset officer, Superintendent Yuval Chen, and will take effect starting tomorrow:

  1. Visitors to the Mishkan – Tours coordinated through the Visitor Center will be discontinued at this stage until further notice. Tours and visits with the approval of Hugh"R. or CEO"To the Knesset.

  2. Events in the Mishkan – will be canceled, except for events that will be excluded with the approval of Hugh"R. or CEO"To the Knesset. It will be possible to hold events in zoom and it will be possible for up to five participants to attend the hall from which the event will be broadcast.

  3. Procedure for voting isolated members of Knesset – Af"The decision of the Speaker of the Knesset, the voting shall take place in the public podium individually and by reading. Depending on developments, further adjustments will be considered.

  4. Occupancy in the halls and committee halls for meeting purposes only – will be limited as follows: 36 in committee halls, 43 in the Jerusalem and Negev halls. The number of external professionals shall not exceed ten, and its composition shall be with the approval of the Chairman of the Committee only. The other participants in the discussion must be uploaded in the zoom system.

  5. Welcome to moist"Chem – will be reduced to five people.

  6. Knesset buffets – seating will not be allowed at all in the catering complexes and the buffets will move to the Take Away framework.

  7. The gym – closed until further notice.

  8. The synagogue – up to 20 worshipers will be allowed to enter the synagogue and a distance of 2 meters from each other must be maintained.

  9. Communication – Communication will only be allowed through permanent Knesset entry permits. All other inquiries will be examined on a spot basis by the Knesset Spokeswoman.

  10. Admission of children – Children who present a green sign will be allowed to enter, subject to the approval of the Office of the CEO"To the Knesset.

  11. External invitees – will be required to present a green mark of the Ministry of Health or will be required to present a negative result of a PCR test that was performed within * 72 hours * from the date of entry into the Knesset. Generally, antigen tests will not be approved.

12. * Entrances and approvals to the plenary hall * – (assistants / faction workers) will be reduced by 50%.

  1. Strict adherence to masks – extreme care and enforcement is required throughout the Mishkan.

  2. Following the guidance of the CEO"For the introduction of employees who do not feel well, are obliged to stay at home and report to superiors.

Photo: Mark Neiman / Le"M

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