re"From Bennett on the spread of the omicron: "The wave is coming, every family needs to be prepared"

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said this morning (Sunday) at the beginning of the cabinet meeting: "During the night, I had the right to follow, in real time, the operation to apprehend the cell that murdered Yehuda Dimentman."To. Beautiful and impressive work, exceptional collaboration between the returnees"As for"L, Lim"From and to other security factors. When you work together, and the goal is clear in front of your eyes – you succeed. It was a success here to close the circle on the terrorists in a very short time and not let them disappear into the field for a long time. We have witnessed in recent weeks the efforts of terrorist organizations to raise their heads in Judea and Samaria, and on the other hand individual attacks, inspired by the usual incitement, which may change platform – has moved from Facebook to tic tac, but the incitement remains the same. Tse"To, reply"All security organizations are alert and prepared. There is no terrorist who will not persecute him and reach him, will take what he takes".

The Prime Minister referred to the outbreak of the Omicron variant in the world: "This government did a great thing when it made a quick decision, three weeks ago, to restrict entry into Israel and greatly delayed the entry of the variant into the country. We bought the State of Israel precious time, we delayed the omicron for at least three weeks. Time is running out, and it just is not enough. The omicron is already in the country, that is – there are already infections within the community, and we are already seeing an increase in the coefficient of infection. It began. This time, because of the highly contagious nature of this variant, one has to understand – the collective, national protection that the state gives is not enough. Everyone, every citizen, must take care of himself, his family and his children. Do not trust the neighbor who vaccinated and vaccinated his child. It will not help you much. The wave is coming. Every family needs to be prepared. Each person should make sure that he himself is vaccinated with three vaccines and that his children are vaccinated".

Photo: Haim Tzach / Le"M

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