The President of the State holds a special event on the Hebrew language in Israel and around the world

On the occasion of Hebrew Language Week, the President of the State hosted today (Sunday) at the President’s House, representatives of the World Zionist Organization, the Jewish Agency, ulpanim students and Hebrew teachers for a special event on the Hebrew language in Israel and around the world. The children’s band performed as part of the event "First voice" With their song about Eliezer Ben Yehuda, and the new song by Dana International, which was produced on the occasion of Hebrew Week, was played. "My beloved Hebrew."

In his opening remarks, the President said: "Words create reality. This phrase – is said by many and many of us on a daily basis. Sometimes we use this phrase to ask children and adults alike to think before they shoot words, from the mouth or the keyboard. Sometimes we use this phrase to encourage girls and older boys and girls – to dream, imagine what they want to be or do and move on. Words create reality. We use this phrase over and over again to remind ourselves of the meaning of words and language, and I am sure it happens in every language not just Hebrew. But we, Hebrew speakers, Hebrew writers, Hebrew readers and lovers and lovers of it, know that words not only create reality metaphorically, but are also the ones through which the world was created."

The President added: "In a period that sanctifies deeds, in a period in which the main expectation is for constant and rapid movement, there is something almost subversive and extremely important in remembering that we are not just "People of the Book", But we are first of all, with the word. With the core of its history, culture and faith being Hebrew words. This people has miraculously succeeded in returning from many exiles to its homeland and re-establishing a sovereign state there. But no less astonishingly, this people has succeeded in reviving its language, something that has no brother or evil in the world."

The President noted: "Let’s preserve Hebrew and let’s continue to revive it. This is our commitment. For it to continue to be this language that, like the phoenix, was resurrected from the ashes and became a living, spoken, self-evident language for those born into it. A perpetual wonder for those who know history – Hebrew, Jewish, Israeli."

Marina Rosenberg Kuritani, head of the World Zionist Organization’s Encouragement Department, added: "We are building bridges from Israel to the Jewish communities in the Diaspora. Bridges of friendship and understanding, bridges of trust and closeness of hearts. And we manage to hold over a quarter of a million meetings with Jews all over the world every year. One of the most important bridges is the language bridge. I am pleased to announce that since the launch of the project in 2015, we have been able to operate over 1500 Hebrew classes in France, England, Belgium, Morocco, Brazil, Argentina, Panama, Chili Uruguay, Mexico, and Canada, and the hand is still outstretched".

Photo: Haim Tzach / GPO
Photo: Haim Tzach / GPO

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