A 50-year-old worker fell from a height at a construction site in Tel Aviv, in fair condition

A 50-year-old worker recently fell (Monday) from a height at a construction site on 454th Street in Tel Aviv. Medics and paramedics from Med"Together with paramedics from the Rescue Union, they provided him with medical treatment and he was taken to Ichilov Hospital in fair condition with injuries to his head and limbs.

Joseph Eckler wears a rescue union Message: "This is an act that fell from level to level while working at a construction site and as a result he was hit in the head and upper body. We provided him with first aid in the arena and then he was taken to Ichilov Hospital, where his condition is defined as moderate.".

Police officers arrived at the scene of the accident and are investigating the circumstances, a report was forwarded to the Ministry of Labor.

Photo: Rescue Union spokeswoman
Photo: Shai Bachar, operational documentation of the meter"A

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