A resident of Jadidia Makr is accused of murdering his wife: "Stabbed her at least 27 times"

The Haifa District Attorney’s Office filed an indictment this morning (Monday) in the city district court against Muhammad Abadi (57), a resident of Jadidia Makr, for the murder of his wife Aisha Z."To about a month ago.

According to the indictment, filed through Adv"D. Yair Goichman, in the period prior to the day of the murder, the accused and the deceased lived with their three children, in their house in Jadida-Makr. On the day of the murder, the accused and the deceased were left alone in the house. While the deceased was in the bedroom, the defendant entered the room and began a conversation between him and the deceased, against the background of the defendant’s suspicion that the deceased was disrespecting him and asking for his harm. The defendant approached his wife and told her: "You want me to die, so let’s die together", Pounced on the deceased, stabbing her at least 27 times with her back, head, face while the deceased tried to defend himself against the defendant without success.

The couple’s daughter heard the screams of the deceased and knocked on the door of the house which was locked, shouting that they would open the door. After a few minutes, the defendant opened the door and left the house, leaving the rest lying on the floor in the bedroom drenched in blood. An ambulance crew called to the home began resuscitation operations that did not bear fruit and were forced to determine her death.

The prosecution seeks to detain the defendant until the end of the legal proceedings against him.

archives. Photo: Police spokeswoman

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