After no one ran against him: Yair Lapid was re-elected head of the Yesh Atid party

The date for submitting candidates for the chairmanship of the Yesh Atid party ended yesterday (Sunday) at midnight. No man applied against his"The incumbent Lapid – therefore Lapid was re-elected to head the party.

On behalf of the party it was reported: "During the period in which it was possible to apply for the position of Hugh"There is a single candidacy submitted that meets the conditions of the party’s bylaws – by Yu"The incumbent party minister, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid. In these circumstances and in accordance with Article 71 of the party’s bylaws, the party management (without the presence of Hugh) decided"The party), that the election of Minister Lapid to the position of U."R. The party, without the need for an election process among the members of the conference. Thus, the first Yesh Atid conference will convene on 4.1.2022 and without the election of Yu"The party will have part of its agenda. In light of the morbidity data, the nature of the conference, and the exact schedule of the conference will be announced soon."

archives. Photo: Elad Gutman

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