All routes in the Judean Desert, Masada and other sites have been closed due to weather conditions

The Nature and Parks Authority announced that due to the weather, the following places were closed: all the surfing trails in the Judean Desert as well as all the hiking trails in the Darga, Mashash, Tekoa, Og and Nahal Prat streams between the sites; Arbel National Park is closed except for the entrance to Mount Nitai Observatory only; Nahal Tavor; Nahal Rosh Pina Nature Reserve; Lower Pillar Stream; All upper pillar creek trails except the circular route; Caesarea National Park – the Hippodrome is closed, you can reach the theater in a circular route and the port in a circular route; Ein Avdat – The route is open to the spring only, and the national park is Masada.

For questions regarding routes and hiking sites, it is recommended to be updated before leaving for a trip with the Nature and Parks Authority hotline * 3639

On the subject of weather should be updated on the website of the Meteorological Service and in the news broadcasts.

Mickey Inbar, spokeswoman for the Hermon website in a short update. Photo: Hermon site

archives. Photo: Fire and Rescue Spokeswoman for Israel

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